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The Law Office of Paul Maxon – Specializing in Employment Law

When you have suffered workplace discrimination or mistreatment, choosing the right attorney with the breadth of experience to meet your objectives and expectations can be the most important decision you can make. Colorado employment law is a complex and evolving field, and proper representation demands the skills of a knowledgeable employment law specialist.

The Law Office of Paul Maxon is a Boulder-based law firm that handles all types of employment and labor law cases throughout the greater Denver area and all of Colorado. We have the resources, proven track-record and specialized knowledge of Colorado employment laws to defend your employment rights against the largest companies and opposing law firms.

Our areas of expertise include cases of discrimination, harassment, trade secrets and non-competition agreements. Our knowledgeable employment attorneys oversee the review and negotiation of all types of Colorado employment contracts, including severance and employment agreements.

Workplace Discrimination

The Law Office of Paul Maxon specializes in workplace discrimination cases including: racial discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination and all other forms of discrimination protected by Colorado employment laws. Learn how our trusted advisors can help you receive the results you deserve.

Workplace Harassment

Harassment based on sex, race or religion is against the law in Colorado and includes both verbal and physical actions in the workplace.

The Law Office of Paul Maxon can provide a prompt evaluation of cases and expert representation in cases of harassment. Given Maxon’s deep expertise in defending against workplace discrimination and harassment, he can provide clients with an in-depth understanding of recent developments and trends in the complex landscape of employment law.

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